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Decode your DNA
to discover your…

  • Optimal diet, fitness & supplementation plans
  • Health risks & personalized prevention strategies
  • Food sensitivities & nutrient deficiencies
  • Ancestry & heritage

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It all starts with
a DNA test.

Your genes have a significant impact on your health. Discover your genetic predispositions and receive personalized health recommendations with our AI-driven DNA testing and analysis.

Included with all plans:

  • 1000+ DNA Health & Trait Reports
  • Comprehensive diet, nutrition & fitness reports
  • Lab Analyzer, tracker & recommendations
  • Personalized supplement formula
  • Precision health regimen builder
  • Lifestyle risk analyzer

DNA Kit + Health Insights


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We’ll never sell your data

DNA Kit + Health & Ancestry Insights


then $119/year

We’ll never sell your data

Have a DNA file?

Health Insights Plan


then $119/year

We’ll never sell your data

"SelfDecode is an amazing genetic analyzing tool. The coolest part about it is that your customized genetic report is woven into the vast body of content and knowledge on the website so every article and resource becomes super specific to YOU. It’s incredibly thorough and informative. You’re going to learn a ton about how your genes tick so you can make practical changes that change your life for the better." Ben Greenfield

Personalized health plans based on your DNA test & lab results

All the tools you need to reach optimal health in one place.

Genetic Predisposition Reports

  • The only genetic health testing & analysis that reveals your likelihood of experiencing specific health issues using cutting-edge ancestry-informed polygenic risk scores.
  • Personalized diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.
  • DNA health reports for 350+ issues and conditions.

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Lab Analysis & Tracking

  • Your genes are just one piece of the puzzle. Get the full picture of your health with personalized lab test analysis and tracking.
  • Discover the optimal range for your lab markers and get personalized recommendations to improve your labs.
  • Order labs yourself! No doctor’s referral required. (USA only)

Diet & Nutrition Plans

  • Discover the right diet for your body with detailed macronutrient breakdowns.
  • Receive a meal plan with recipes, ingredients and shopping lists.
  • Learn what nutrients and minerals your body needs most.

Regimen Builder

  • Receive a one-of-a-kind health plan designed for your body based on your DNA test and lab test results.
  • Understand which health areas each recommendation helps with.
  • Search for any recommendation, such as a specific supplement or diet, and find out if it will help you.

Personalized Supplement Formula

  • The only place where you can get a completely custom supplement formula based on your genetic testing.
  • Add or remove ingredients from your formula.
  • Option to order your custom supplement straight to your door.

Lifestyle Risk Analyzer

  • Nature or Nurture? It’s both! Discover the impact of your lifestyle with scientific assessments.
  • Get a score based on your answers.
  • Re-take assessments when your lifestyle factors change to see your updated risk scores.

Advanced SNP & Gene Discovery Tool

  • Look up your genotype for any SNP in our database of 83M genetic variants.
  • Bookmark genes and SNPs.
  • Create gene packs for future reference.

Discover your heritage!

Available only with Health & Ancestry Insights

Ancestry composition

Get a breakdown of your ancestry with

Mitochondrial ancestry

Trace your maternal lineage back through
the ages, discover your ancestral roots
and unlock your family history.

Detailed reports

Learn more about the history and culture
connected to your DNA.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy is
a top priority

& that's why we:

  • Give you free access to your raw data
  • Use world class encryption methods
  • Anonymize genetic data within our own systems
  • Store genetic and account information separately
  • Let you delete your data whenever you want
  • Don’t allow secondary data usage
  • Have a team dedicated to security & privacy

With SelfDecode
YOU own 100% of your data.

With SelfDecode
YOU own 100% of your data.

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"I love the detail of the analysis, reports, and recommendations I get with SelfDecode. It's almost like a fortune teller giving you details about your life. Some of the data are eerily obvious and others are enlightening and equip you to live your best life."

Ben Forehand

"SelfDecode gives you an extensive overview of your health relative to your genes. You also get simple suggestions for how to deal with or mitigate challenges you may have. I’m a lifetime member and a very satisfied customer."

Magnus Andersson

"I'm very impressed with this company! They even analyze lab results you have taken at your physicians office! Even tho yours labs may be within standards "normal limits" they recommend how to optimize your health. I can't wait to get my final report ! My experience has been amazing thus far.. it can only get better!"

Janelle Lechner

Precision Health:

The future of healthcare.

Polygenic Risk Scores

The world’s only company using ancestry-informed polygenic risk scoring to analyze 83 million genetic variants and produce accurate risk scores.

65+ scientists
& engineers

Skilled professionals with expertise in genomics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Genetic variant prediction

Advanced AI-driven algorithms analyze & predict 83M genetic variants at 99.7% accuracy.

Health begins
with you.

SelfDecode is a personalized health report service, which enables users to obtain detailed information and reports based on their genome. SelfDecode strongly encourages those who use our service to consult and work with an experienced healthcare provider as our services are not to replace the relationship with a licensed doctor or regular medical screenings.

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We accept raw DNA files from:

  • 23AndMe
  • Ancestry
  • Atlas
  • Circle DNA 
  • Courtagen
  • Dante Labs
  • DDC
  • iGene
  • Diagnomics
  • DNA.Land
  • Family Tree
  • Genes For Good
  • Illumina
  • Living DNA
  • Map My Genome
  • MyHeritage
  • Nebula Deep & Ultra Deep
  • Nutrition Genome
  • Sequencing
  • Strategene
  • Your Genomic Resource