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Precision Health Practitioner Training Course

Learn how to use cutting-edge AI technology and the latest evidence-based strategies to analyze your clients’ genes, environment and lifestyle & formulate effective treatment strategies.

Why become a precision
health practitioner?

Earn CE Credits

Earn continuing education credits with this comprehensive 7-module training course and add more valuable skills to your professional toolkit.

Increase Revenue

Easily incorporate genetic testing and reports into your service offerings and earn additional revenue using AI-generated reports.

Get Better Results

Provide your clients with personalized care plans based on their unique biology and make trial and error treatment approaches a thing of the past!

Utilize Latest Technology

Bring the world’s best and most cutting-edge science backed technology to your clients for more efficient and effective results.

What You’ll Learn

The Precision Health Practitioner Training Course is a self-paced 7 module
training program that takes approximately 7 hours to complete.


Genetics and Genomics

Understand fundamentals of genetics and genomics.


Ethics & Scope of Practice

Identify key ethical issues when working with genetic information.


Nutritional Considerations

Know foundational nutritional and nutrigenomic concepts in precision health.


Lifestyle & Environmental Considerations

Explore important lifestyle and environmental factors that impact health.


Laboratory Considerations

Comprehend various laboratory terminology associated with lab quality.

Know symptoms, genes and labs to consider for several common conditions.


Psychosocial Considerations

Ability to utilize several important psychosocial methods in precision health.


Public Health, Microbiome, and Biometrics

Recognize the importance of microbiome assessment within precision health. Understand how to incorporate biometric data within precision health.

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Full access to training course

Credits for applicable accredited institutions

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Earn Continuing Education Credits!

This course has been approved for the following CE credits:

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)

General: 5.5 hours
CE Ethics: 0.25 hours

(Excludes Oregon)

National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC)

Category 1: 0.625 hours

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PHP Introduction Webinar


What is a PHP?

A PHP is a Precision Health Practitioner who utilizes the principles of precision health in their approach to personalized health assessments to create more accurate recommendations (while operating within their scope of practice)

When does this course take place?

This is a fully virtual course you can complete at your own pace.

How will I get my CEU credits? Are there additional fees?

Upon completion of the course modules and required quizzes, you will fill out a submission form with the necessary information for the requested program, and you will receive your certificate from the certifying body via email. There are no additional fees to receive your CEUs.

Can I take this course if I am not a certified practitioner?

Yes! No certifications are required to participate in this course.

Can I take this course if I am not a SelfDecode member?

Yes! While we hope you will see the benefits of adding SelfDecode analysis with your clients, learning about the power of precision health is a great first step to adding genetics into your practice.

SelfDecode is a personalized health report service, which enables users to obtain detailed information and reports based on their genome. SelfDecode strongly encourages those who use our service to consult and work with an experienced healthcare provider as our services are not to replace the relationship with a licensed doctor or regular medical screenings.

Testing is not available to those under the age of 18, and to those in the states of AZ, NY, NJ, and RI

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Bone Health
Brain Fog
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain
Gut Inflammation
Heart Health
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Joint Pain
Kidney Health
Kidney Stones
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Overactive Thyroid
Sexual Dysfunction
Underactive Thyroid
Urinary Tract Infections