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with personalized
1:1 care

Identify the root cause of your
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Why partner with a SelfDecode
precision health coach?

Genomics Experts

SelfDecode health coaches have been deeply trained in our genomics and precision health platform in order to provide you with the gene-based care you need to optimize your health.

Holistic Care

Our coaches use a science-backed approach to look at genetics, lab tests and lifestyle data and provide the most holistic care.

Personalized Plans

You will receive a personalized care plan that includes specific diet, supplement and lifestyle actions tailored to your body.

Better Results

Clients who work with our MDs, NDs, genetic counselors and health coaches report feeling better and reaching health goals faster than with previous coaches.

Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Advanced at-home DNA health testing kit
  • One hour long virtual consultation session with your dedicated coach every month
  • Personalized plans to meet your health goals
  • Unlimited messaging and support

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Cancel anytime after 2 months. See FAQs for cancellation policies.

Also Included:

  • Full access to the SelfDecode platform
  • Check-ins with your coaching team
  • 250+ personalized genetic health reports*
  • 50+ genetic trait reports*
  • 600+ personalized genetic blog posts*
  • Searchable SNP & gene database of 83 million variants*
  • Lab analyzer and tracker*
  • Access to advanced testing for labs, hormones, genetics, and more.

Got symptoms? Find answers
who cares.

Our health coaches don’t believe in treating symptoms or surface-level care. They have worked with thousands of members to address concerns around:

Mood & Anxiety


Brain Fog

Gut issues

Sleep issues

Low energy & fatigue

Sleep issues

Hormonal imbalances

Metabolism & heart health

Unexplained symptoms

Much more!

What happens after I join?


We’ll ship you a DNA test kit and you’ll go through our intake process so that we can match you with the right health coach.


You’ll schedule your first 60 minute virtual consultation session with your dedicated health coach.


Your coach will work with you to create a personalized plan that will help you reach your health goals.

“I highly recommend that you see Dr. Greg Nacarelli. I wish I could give you 10 stars instead of 5. Keep up the great work Dr. Greg, Joe Cohen and the rest of the Self Decode team! Improvements in my productivity at work and health could not been achieved without you guys. I look forward to working with Dr. Greg Nacarelli in the future.”

Rajan Patel

“I have discovered so much useful information in my genetics that explains the health and well-being challenges I have had in life. I have been able to correct a lot of it with supplements and temporary diet/lifestyle changes. My quality of life is so much better with this information. I consider Self Decode to have been a great investment!”

Adrienne Engell

“Self Decode has helped me make the necessary adjustments I needed to take my health to the next level and get rid of symptoms I had been dealing with for a while. It also helped me connect to and understand my body better than I ever have before”

Stephanie G

Meet our Coaches

Greg Nacarelli, ND, PhD(c), CNGS

Eric Lee, MD


Is a DNA test included?

Yes! We will ship you a saliva-based DNA test kit that you can easily complete within the comfort of your own home. 

What if I’m already a SelfDecode member?

Upgrade to the Monthly Consultation plan here and it will replace your current plan and you’ll still have access to all your current reports, data and features. You may choose to downgrade your plan at any time.

What is included with the Monthly Consultation plan?

The Monthly Consultation plan membership includes:

  • One hour long virtual consultation session with your dedicated coach every month
  • One DNA test kit that you will complete within your first month
  • Personalized plans to meet your health goals
  • Unlimited messaging and support
  • Check-ins with your coaching team
  • Full access to the SelfDecode platform
  • 250+ personalized genetic health reports
  • 50+ genetic trait reports
  • 600+ personalized genetic blog posts
  • Searchable SNP & gene database of 83 million variants
  • Lab analyzer and tracker
  • Access to advanced testing for labs, hormones, genetics, and more.

What’s not included in my monthly membership?

Lab tests, supplements and other health care services outside of what is specified above (e.g. urgent care, MRIs, x-rays) are not included in the monthly membership plan.

How do I cancel my plan?

After a two month commitment, you have the option to cancel your plan completely or downgrade to a regular SelfDecode membership at any time. Just reach out to and request a cancellation at least 14 days before your next billing cycle. If cancellation is requested less than 14 days before your next billing cycle, we may process one final monthly fee and you will have access to SelfDecode services through the end of that billing period.

What does “unlimited messaging” mean?

You’ll be able to send secure messages to your care team any time you want through the client portal. You should receive a response from your team within 72 hours, but usually sooner.

What if I'm waiting on my DNA results to come back?

While you wait on your genetic test results, your coach will go over other important factors that impact your health, such as lifestyle risks, recent lab test results or family history. You'll also work on setting goals and preparing to understand your genetic test results. 

SelfDecode is a personalized health report service, which enables users to obtain detailed information and reports based on their genome. SelfDecode does not treat, diagnose or cure any conditions, but is for informational and educational purposes alone.

Testing not available to those under the age of 18, and to those in the states of NY, NJ, RI, and AZ.

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