Your DNA belongs to you. We keep it that way.

At SelfDecode, your privacy always comes first. We never sell your personal information, and protect your privacy with HIPAA-grade security and advanced encryption methods. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you have access to a safe and secure platform where you can learn about your DNA and optimize your health.

Improve your health with confidence.

With SelfDecode, you can focus all of your attention on optimizing your health without worrying about the security of your private information. That’s why we:

We guarantee that you’re in control of your DNA.

You have free access to your raw DNA data at all times, and you have the power to delete your personal data and genome file from our databases at any time.

Rest assured that you, and your data are safe.

When it comes to your personal data, you should always be in control. That’s why we’ve answered a few of the most common questions you may have about how we handle your data:

What happens to my DNA kit after it’s analyzed?

Your saliva sample is destroyed by the lab after they send it to us to upload it to your account, and safely discarded to ensure your privacy protection.

How do I delete my DNA file from all of your servers?

Reach out to Customer Service with your request, and our representatives will quickly remove your personal data from our system and delete your SelfDecode account. 

Can my DNA kit be traced back to me?

We do not associate names with DNA kits for your privacy and security. Each DNA kit includes a unique serial number that helps us identify your sample as yours, but is completely encrypted to ensure that only our database can identify your information.

I don’t want to know my risk for certain health topics. Do I need to view all DNA reports?

Although you have access to all of our reports (with new reports released weekly) you can choose which reports you wish to view and you aren’t obligated to view any you don’t wish to know about.

Will SelfDecode send my genetic information to other companies for research purposes?

No. We will never share your information with other companies or entities.

How do I know my information won’t be compromised by hackers?

We take extra security measures to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Even our own employees don’t have access to your personal unencrypted information unless it’s entirely necessary. We have a team of security and privacy experts who regularly check in on and update our security measures, and all sensitive information is encrypted and stored separately - it’s also encrypted when being transmitted in our own databases, to ensure that your personal data is never compromised.

Discover how we keep your data safe.

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Have more questions?

We have answers. Contact us at with any questions about our privacy and security measures and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

SelfDecode is a personalized health report service, which enables users to obtain detailed information and reports based on their genome. SelfDecode strongly encourages those who use our service to consult and work with an experienced healthcare provider as our services are not to replace the relationship with a licensed doctor or regular medical screenings.

Testing is not available to those under the age of 18, and to those in the states of AZ, NY, NJ, and RI

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