SelfDecode Affiliate Program

Promote better health and earn up to 25% commission.

How does it work?

We've streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate affiliate tracking.

If a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, then the visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed for 90 days.

Once your visitor orders, you get a sale!

SelfDecode will review the sale and once approved you will earn commission.

It’s that simple.
You can earn money from just talking about your favorite health tools.

Make money now!

There is no charge to join our Affiliate Program.
You can earn up to 25% commission of sales!

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Affiliate training

Earn commission!

Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about your favorite health tools, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays top commissions for every client you send our way.

High Conversion Rate = More Money!

The more business you send us, the more money you make! We have a special affiliate tier system that allows you to earn higher commissions for demonstrating higher conversion rates.

Long cookie duration

If you send a customer to our site, but they don’t purchase right away, you can still get credit! Our system tracks cookies for 90 days, so anyone you send our way will be attributed to your affiliate code for 3 months.

We make it easy

SelfDecode provides you with what you need to be a successful affiliate such as a marketing kit that’s full of resources and our team is readily available to provide any support you may need.

That's it!

You send us business, we send you money!

We've streamlined our affiliate program to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking.

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Blood Sugar
Bone Health
Brain Fog
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain
Gut Inflammation
Heart Health
Irritable Bowel
Joint Inflammation
Joint Pain
Kidney Health
Kidney Stones
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Overactive Thyroid
Sexual Dysfunction
Underactive Thyroid
Urinary Tract Infections