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Next Level Health Coaching: A Gene-Based Approach

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Essential Takeaways

You don’t need to be a doctor to be a DNA Health Coach. It’s not medical genetics – you are not diagnosing or treating anyone. You’re going through their genetics, seeing their risks, and making recommendations.
DNA is only one part of the story – always be aware of labs, diet, lifestyle, history, etc.
Understand the details of your clients’ lifestyle and how that affects their risks.


Take your health coaching to the next level…


Take your health coaching to the next level…

You don't need a Ph.D. to be a DNA-based health coach!

Watch Dr. Greg Nacarelli give the ins and outs of being a DNA health coach. Some things he mentions…

  • Providing a better, more holistic health coaching experience
  • How using DNA gets your clients results quicker and saves you from trial & error
  • Using DNA to stand out and retain more clients as a health coach

To show how much implementing DNA into your health practice makes you stand out…

I performed an experiment.

I typed “Health Coach” into LinkedIn to see how saturated the market truly is. I knew it was bad, but here’s how many results I got –

About 1,980,000 people advertise themselves as health coaches.

Here’s what came up when I typed in “DNA Health Coach”…

Only 15,000! That’s 99.24% less competition than for those that just call themselves an ordinary “health coach.”

You know better than I do, in this business you need to be different.

But this market isn’t staying small forever. Using DNA to improve health is becoming increasingly popular and coaches will soon catch onto the trend – like they always do.

This is Google’s chart showing the increase in popularity for DNA tests since 2004.

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