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Don’t Buy DNA Tests For Diet Until You Read This

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Essential Takeaways

If you’ve ever wondered why some people lose weight easier than others, the reason could be in their DNA.
Understanding your DNA is the first step towards finding what works best for your body. Diets that work for some people may not work for you, even if it’s considered “healthy”.
Some DNA companies analyze as little as 2-3 genetic variants and offer you generalized advice that may not always help you on your weight loss journey. SelfDecode analyzes over 455,000 variants in the weight report alone in order to provide you with the most accurate health recommendations possible, so you can find out what’s right for your body and start feeling healthier faster.


Start decoding your health with SelfDecode today.


Start decoding your health with SelfDecode today.

These practices have put a stain on the DNA testing industry…

The problem with weight loss programs and diets is that their cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work for most people. But you already knew that.

Sure, it may have worked for the folks on the ad (even though those are probably just models), but that doesn’t mean it’ll work for you and your unique DNA. But you probably knew that too.

What you probably didn’t know is most DNA Weight Loss Tests don’t show you the full picture.

Here’s what I mean.

DNA and your weight

First, let me explain how this all works. 

Myth: Your DNA controls your weight.

Fact: Your DNA controls things like appetite, metabolism for certain foods, tendency for emotional eating, etc. YOU control how you let that affect you – the first step is understanding. 

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends seem to lose weight so easily, while you’re doing all the dieting and exercise possible and still not seeing results? It’s probably your DNA…

But just because your DNA controls these factors doesn’t mean you must be a slave to your genetic predisposition. Simple lifestyle changes make all the difference. 

Here are some common DNA variants linked to weight, and the lifestyle changes science shows can help:

The MCM6 gene often leads to lactose intolerance which can make you prone to obesity. Avoiding high-protein diets will help. 

The SEC16B gene is associated with higher obesity rates and BMI. The unlikely recommendation science makes to help? Coffee.

LEP variants are associated with resisting leptin – a hormone that makes you feel full. Spicy food and positive social interactions are known to help.

Before I understood my DNA, I thought good food and exercise were the keys to weight loss. The problem was what I thought was “good food” – and what I had been told for years to be “good food” – wasn’t necessarily good for me. 

I always thought it was best for me to stay away from any sort of grain. For some people it is. I guess I just followed the diet advice of one of those people.

But my DNA revealed this isn’t a good idea, after all. 

Unfortunately, my FTO gene is linked to weight gain and even obesity. SelfDecode recommended I start incorporating more fiber into my diet due to growing scientific evidence suggesting it helps with this specific gene.

That and my TCF7L2 gene led SelfDecode to recommend the Mediterranean diet, which includes a much more steady balance of whole grains than I was previously eating.

While I was previously avoiding grains, I was wondering why the weight just wasn’t coming off. The weight loss report gave me the answer. Want to shortcut your weight loss with your unique DNA? Click here to learn more.

Alright, alright… I know you probably don’t care too much about my DNA and how it’s affecting my weight loss. But after so much trial and error, it’s exciting to finally know what’s actually best for my body with 100% certainty.

I should get back to my original point.

The DNA secret

Not every DNA Weight Loss Test is equal.

If you’re looking for a DNA Weight Loss Test, you’ll likely stumble across a few marketing companies with science teams. SelfDecode is a science company with a marketing team.

Here’s what I mean – a lot of DNA tests on the market are using old-school methods. Some companies (like Nebula) rely on public research databases to create their reports. Others (such as 23andMe), base their results purely on their in-house research. SelfDecode does both…

As a result, SelfDecode’s Weight Report analyzes thousands of genes and over 455K genetic variants total. To give you a comparison, here are my results from a very popular DNA testing company.

Our Competitor


You can’t give someone truly personalized results when all you’re looking at is a few genetic variants. That’s like reading one sentence out of a book and then writing a summary of the whole story… It’s all made up.

You’d think that we’d be happy our competitors are giving these cursory reports – we’re not. These companies are putting a stain on the DNA testing industry. 

I sometimes see reviews online echoing things like: “using your DNA to create a diet is a scam and you may as well go to a fortune teller.” And the thing is, they aren’t wrong. These people have gotten one of these cursory DNA tests that only test for a few variants.

I know that you may be skeptical since this is coming from us, so just see what customers say:

But is it worth it?

If you’re serious about losing weight, understanding your DNA will shortcut your journey so much.

All of the time and energy I spent researching new diets, starting those diets, and being unsatisfied with the results before inevitably quitting the diet –

this is all time I could have saved if I just knew what was right for my body.

If you’d like to get your own DNA Weight Loss Report, click here.

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