The T (minor) allele is associated with:

  • The T allele causes enhanced fat breakdown (R).
  • Perilipin could be a factor behind the impaired fat breakdown in insulin-resistant conditions. A high rate of fat breakdown was associated with a low fat cell content of perilipin (p=0.01) (R).
  • TT subjects had increased fat breakdown (at baseline and in response to norepinephrine) (p>=0.01) and the fat cell perilipin content was about 80% reduced (p=0.005) as compared to CC carriers. Intermediate values were found in CT carriers (R).
  • People with the "T" or minor allele do better with complex carbs and worse with saturated fat. So, for example, I have the T allele, which helps protects me from weight gain from a higher complex carb diet, but causes weight gain on a lower carb complex carb diet (R) and insulin resistance on a higher saturated fat diet. In subjects with higher complex carbohydrate intake (more than 144 grams/day), the T allele was protective against obesity, where as in subjects with lower carbohydrate intake, the T allele was associated with increased obesity (R).
  • Women with the highest intakes of saturated fat had higher insulin resistance (P=0.006) than women with the lowest intakes - but only if they had TT. Conversely, insulin resistance decreased as carbohydrate intake increased (R).
  • People with TT showed less of an increase in body weight from PPAR gamma activators (R). Perilipin is higher in fat tissue in people with obesity and insulin resistance (R).
  • Modestly increased complex carbohydrate intake improves insulin sensitivity in obese individuals with diabetes (R,R2).
  • The T allele has been associated with increased obesity risk in Malays and Asian Indians but reduced obesity risk in a Spanish population. This might be because in each population, the SNP is linked with other SNPswith more signify significant functionality (R), or because it interacts differently with their respective diets or environments.


Parent Gene: PLIN1

Importance: 4
Less common allele: T = 33%
More common allele: C = 67%
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