[PMID 19692124] Complement Factor H Y402H and C-Reactive Protein Polymorphism and Photodynamic Therapy Response in Age-Related Macular Degeneration

[PMID 19426506] C-Reactive protein gene variants are associated with postoperative C-reactive protein levels after coronary artery bypass surgery.

[PMID 23046580] Association Study of CRP Gene polymorphism and Hypertension in Han Chinese Population

[PMID 22875596] Association study of CRP gene and ischemic stroke in a Chinese Han population


Parent Gene: APCS, CRP, CRPP1

Importance: 4
Less common allele: T = 35%
More common allele: C = 65%
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Risk Allele: C

Disease/Trait: C-Reactive Protein Measurement

The C allele of rs876537 is reported to be associated with C-reactive Protein Measurement . Your genotype was not identified for this SNP so we are unable to comment on your association with C-reactive protein.