[PMID 19064562] increased risk of breast cancer with concurrent proliferative fibrocystic conditions

  • rs1004982(C) 2.19 (1.24-3.85)
  • rs28566535(C) 2.20 (1.27-3.82)
  • rs936306(T) 1.94 (1.13-3.30)
  • rs4775936(C) 1.95 (1.07-3.58)

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[PMID 22418701] Polymorphisms of CYP19A1 and response to aromatase inhibitors in metastatic breast cancer patients

[PMID 16344016] A new SNP in a negative regulatory region of the CYP19A1 gene is associated with lumbar spine BMD in postmenopausal women.

[PMID 17903296] Genome-wide association with bone mass and geometry in the Framingham Heart Study.

[PMID 18636124] Polymorphisms in the estrogen receptor 1 and vitamin C and matrix metalloproteinase gene families are associated with susceptibility to lymphoma.

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[PMID 26463708] Association of Variants in Candidate Genes with Lipid Profiles in Women with Early Breast Cancer on Adjuvant Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy


Parent Gene: CYP19A1

Importance: 1
Less common allele: T = 30%
More common allele: C = 70%
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