[PMID 22171941] Genetic and functional evaluation of the role of CXCR1 and CXCR2 in susceptibility to visceral leishmaniasis in north-east India

[PMID 17360650] A haplotype of the human CXCR1 gene protective against rapid disease progression in HIV-1+ patients.

[PMID 20089160] CXCR1 and SLC11A1 polymorphisms affect susceptibility to cutaneous leishmaniasis in Brazil: a case-control and family-based study.

[PMID 21214373] Polymorphisms of CXCL8 and Its Receptor CXCR2 Contribute to the Development and Progression of Childhood IgA Nephropathy.


Parent Gene: CXCR2

Importance: 1
Less common allele: G = 41%
More common allele: A = 59%
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