[PMID 21396839] Apoptosis gene polymorphisms and risk of prostate cancer: A hospital-based study of German patients treated with brachytherapy

[PMID 21446041] A galectin-3 sequence polymorphism confers TRAIL sensitivity to human breast cancer cells

[PMID 21475983] Galectin-3 gene (LGALS3) +292C allele is a genetic predisposition factor for rheumatoid arthritis in Taiwan

[PMID 21750908] Galectin-3 germline variant at position 191 enhances nuclear accumulation and activation of ?-catenin in gastric cancer

[PMID 22673112] Genetic variation in galectin-3 gene associates with cognitive function at old age

[PMID 19074869] Racial disparity in breast cancer and functional germ line mutation in galectin-3 (rs4644): a pilot study.

[PMID 26312551] Assessment of Galectin-3 Polymorphism in Subjects with Chronic Chagas Disease


Parent Gene: LGALS3

Importance: 1
Less common allele: A = 29%
More common allele: C = 71%
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