Variant in the RIPK2 gene associated with a reduced risk of leprosy in Asians, according to the 23andMe blog. The protective allele is A, and the odds ratio is 0.76.

[PMID 22504414] Association between C13ORF31, NOD2, RIPK2 and TLR10 polymorphisms and urothelial bladder cancer.

Leprosy Susceptibility


Parent Gene: RIPK2

Importance: 5
Less common allele: G = 44%
More common allele: A = 56%
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Risk Allele: G

Disease/Trait: Leprosy

The G allele of rs42490 is reported to be associated with Leprosy (R) . Your genotype was not identified for this SNP so we are unable to comment on your association with Leprosy.