[PMID 8555062] A new alpha chain variant Hb Sallanches [alpha 2 104(G11) Cys-->Tyr] associated with HbH disease in one homozygous patient.

[PMID 10722113] Hb Sallanches [alpha104(G11)Cys-->Tyr]: a rare alpha2-globin chain variant found in the homozygous state in three members of a Pakistani family.

[PMID 11186268] Homozygous Hb Sallanches [alpha104(G11)Cys-->Tyr] in a Pakistani child with Hb H disease.

[PMID 16840231] Hb Sallanches [alpha104(G11)Cys-->Tyr, TGC-->TAC (alpha2)]: an unstable hemoglobin variant found in an Indian child.

[PMID 20113287] Hb H disease due to homozygosity for a rare alpha2-globin variant, Hb Sallanches.


Parent Gene: HBA2

Importance: 1
Less common allele: None = None
More common allele: None = None
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