[PMID 18311811] Japanese 277 SLE patients and 201 controls. Carriers of the rs2004640T slightly increased among SLE patients (58.8%) as compared with controls (50.2%). When data from our Japanese population were combined with previously published data from a Korean population, the T allele frequency was found to be significantly increased in SLE patients (P = 8.3 x 10(-5)). While no association was observed for the rs10954213 . significant associations with 3 intron 1 SNPs (-4001, rs6953165, and rs41298401) were found. The allele frequency of rs41298401G was significantly decreased in SLE patients (13.0% versus 18.7% in controls; P = 0.017), and the allele frequency of rs6953165G, which was in absolute linkage disequilibrium with -4001A, was increased in SLE patients (8.8% versus 5.2% in controls; P = 0.034). The Caucasian risk haplotype was not present; instead, a protective haplotype carrying rs2004640G, rs41298401G, the deletion in exon 6, and rs10954213A was identified. SNP rs10954213


Parent Gene: IRF5

Importance: 1
Less common allele: G = 8%
More common allele: C = 92%
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