rs3764880 is a SNP in the TLR8 gene, located on the X chromosome. rs3764880 is also known as Met1Val.

A study of both Indonesian and Russian tuberculosis patients (and controls) concluded that the minor (A) allele of rs3764880 was associated with increased risk for tuberculosis. In the Indonesian population of 375 patients, the odds ratio was 1.8 (CI: 1.2–2.7); in the Russian population of 1,837 patients, the odds ratio was 1.2 (CI: 1.02–1.48); the combined evidence for association was p = 1.2×10e?3 – 6×10e?4. Note that the association was found primarily in males (although also to a lesser extent in homozygous females), presumably due to the presence of only one X chromosome in males. [PMID 18927625]

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Parent Gene: TLR8

Importance: 1
Less common allele: G = 46%
More common allele: A = 54%
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