rs3745274 is linked to the CYP2B6  gene and is associated with drug response.

The ''G'' allele was found to be significantly associated with a higher clearance, a lower plasma concentration, and a lower concentration-to-dosage (C/D) ratio of (S)-methadone (P < 0.0017) [R].

Heterozygous patients (GT) showed a 15.3% reduced clearance of the drug nevirapine [R].

Presence of the ''T'' allele decreased the total required propofol dose. The total propofol doses based on the GG or GT/TT genotypes were 151.5 ± 64.2 mg and 129.3 ± 44.6 mg, respectively (p = 0.043) [R].



Parent Gene: CYP2B6

Importance: 2
Less common allele: T = 32%
More common allele: G = 68%
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