The ''T'' allele was associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by both FBAT (P=0.006) and case-control analyses (P=0.007) [R].

Subjects with the CC genotype have lower odds ratios (ORs) for lung cancer [R]. 

''C'' allele and the CC genotype were associated with systemic sclerosis (SSc)-related digital ulceration (allele OR 1.41, genotype OR 2.15), SSc-related pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) (allele OR 1.65, genotype OR 3.16), anticentromere antibody (ACA)-positive SSc (allele OR 1.47, genotype OR 2.40), and lcSSc (allele OR 1.34, genotype OR 1.77) [R]. 



Parent Gene: PLAUR

Importance: 2
Less common allele: C = 26%
More common allele: T = 74%
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