• Codes for vascular endothelial growth factor A, which is associated with better production of new blood vessels and increased nutrient flow, promoting cell growth/development, and decreasing cell death [R].

The T (minor) allele is associated with:

  • Shortened survival for liver-transplant patients [R].

The C (major) allele is associated with:

This SNP is associated with (unknown which alleles):

  • SNP Rs3025021 [R].
  • Bladder cancer [R].
  • Lupus in Asian populations [R].
  • Eye disease that can cause loss of vision [R].
  • Precursors for heart disease (due to cholesterol) [R].
  • Diabetes accompanied by eye disease [R].
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis [R].


Parent Gene: VEGFA

Importance: 3
Less common allele: T = 16%
More common allele: C = 84%
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