[PMID 18676749] breast cancer 1,134 breast cancer patients recruited as part of the Shanghai Breast Cancer Study who were followed for a median of 7.1 years. rs2302254 was also associated with breast cancer (HR, 1.3; 95% CI, 1.0-1.6). strong linkage disequilibrium for rs16949646 rs2302254 and rs3760468

[PMID 21824052] Acute myeloid leukemia patients carrying rs2302254(T) alleles are at much higher risk of developing neurotoxic side effects if treated with Ara-C (cytarabine), compared to those not carrying a (T) allele.

[PMID 20599259] Significant association of genetic polymorphism of human nonmetastatic clone 23 type 1 gene with an increased risk of endometrial cancer

[PMID 22035418] The T_T genotype within the NME1 promoter SNP -835 C/T is associated with an increased risk of Ara-C induced neurotoxicity in AML patients

[PMID 20601538] Polymorphisms of human nonmetastatic clone 23 type 1 gene and neoplastic lesions of uterine cervix.

[PMID 22683585] nm23 gene polymorphisms are associated with survival of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer but not with susceptibility to disease.

[PMID 22903495] Associations of non-metastatic cells 1 gene polymorphisms with lymph node metastasis risk of gastric cancer in Northern Chinese population.


Parent Gene: NME1

Importance: 1
Less common allele: T = 22%
More common allele: C = 78%
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