rs2078486 is a SNP of the TP53 gene. It is significantly associated with the risk of  invasive serous ovarian cancer (OR(per allele) = 1.65) [R]. 

rs2078486 (no reported alleles) might play a role in the susceptibility to scizophrenia (SZ) (P-value = 0.029; OR = 1.21) [R]. 

rs2078486 (no reported alleles) was associated with ovarian cancer [R]. 

Presence of one or both copies of minor allele ''A'' (AG or GG) was significantly associated with elevated lung cancer risk among older individuals (adjusted OR: 1.53), smokers (adjusted OR: 1.70), alcohol drinkers (adjusted OR: 2.41) and individuals with high indoor air pollution exposure (adjusted OR: 1.51) [R].


Parent Gene: TP53

Importance: 3
Less common allele: A = 23%
More common allele: G = 77%
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