The Minor "A" allele is associated with:

  • One A= higher HO-1 protein (p = 0.03) (R).
  • 33% decreased the risk of atherosclerosis stroke. The A allele is a protective factor (R).
  • Increased risk of developing Parkinson's Disease because of increased iron deposition in the body. (HMOX1 increases iron deposition)(R).

The Major "T" allele is associated with:

  • 4.12X increased Parkinson's risk (TT) (R,R2).
  •  6.65x increased the risk of Alzheimer's (combined with bad MAPT SNP) (TT) (R).
  • TT genotype (withLXR-beta (intron 2) TT genotype) resulted in 2.63X increased risk of Alzheimer's (R).
  • The TT genotype was associated with increased levels of Hemoglobin (in babies) (p value = 0.0131)(R).


Parent Gene: HMOX1

Importance: 4
Less common allele: A = 47%
More common allele: T = 53%
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