The C (risk) allele causes alternative splicing of CNR1 [R].

C allele is associated with impulsivity [R].

C allele carriers report greater sensitivity to the rewarding effects of cannabis and exhibit greater withdrawal after abstinence [R].

Variability at this location has been associated with craving and withdrawal in heavy cannabis users as well as proclivity toward cannabis use disorders [R].

Thus, on a molecular level, the rewarding effects of cannabis may be associated with the C allele and CB1 concentration [R].

Cannabis users with the C allele had greater CB1 density than users not carrying the C allele in lymphocytes [R].

 ‘C’ allele carriers who received THC had higher levels of Anger-Hostility (β=0.29 (0.12), p=0.02) compared to those who received placebo [R].

rs9444584 is usually inherited together with two other SNPs (rs9450898 (r2 = 0.841) and rs2023239 (r2 = 0.920)) that have been associated with addiction, obesity (rs2023239), and reduced fronto-temporal white matter volumes in schizophrenia patients as a result of cannabis misuse (rs9450898) [R].


Parent Gene: CNR1

Importance: 4
Less common allele: C = 18%
More common allele: T = 82%
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