''C'' allele is associated with a lower risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD). Among GG homozygotes, hypertension was a major risk factor for sudden cardiac death (SCD) due to coronary heart disease (CHD) (OR= 3.75, P < 0.001) and hypertension was also associated with larger coronary atherosclerotic plaque areas (P = 0.002) and the occurrence of complicated plaques (OR 8.38, P < 0.001) [R].

''G'' allele was associated with an increased risk of ischemic stroke (IS) in patients with large artery atherosclerosis (LAA) (OR = 1.583, P = 0.02) [R].

The ''C'' allele had a significantly higher prevalence among the patients with a stressful life event prior to onset of depression than both patients without a stressful life event and the healthy controls [R].

Compared to the GG homozygotes, the ''C'' allele carriers (i.e. subjects having CC or CG genotypes) had a lower adjusted risk for sudden cardiac death (SCD) from any cause (OR=0.49; p=0.002), for SCD due to coronary heart disease (CHD) (OR=0.51; p=0.005), and for SCD caused by non-coronary heart diseases (OR=0.34; p=0.030) [R].

''G'' allele was associated with an increase in the risk of sporadic late onset Alzheimer's disease (LOAD) (OR=1.85, P=0.03) [R].

Age at rheumatoid arthritis (RA) diagnosis was lower in carriers of the GG genotype [R].

Carriers of the GG genotype had a 2.165-times higher risk of prostate cancer progression than carriers of the GC genotype. Patients with the GG genotype at clinical stages III and IV also had significantly lower rates of progression-free survival (relative risk = 2.174) [R]. 

The ''C'' allele (OR=1.73; P= 0.0035) and the CT haplotype conferred a risk of Hashimoto thyroiditis (HT) in children [R]. 

There are lower levels of serum IL-18 in women with the homozygous mutant CC than the homozygous wild-type GG genotypes indicating a susceptibility to recurrent miscarriage (RM) (p = 0.015) [R]. 



Parent Gene: IL18

Importance: 2
Less common allele: G = 21%
More common allele: C = 79%
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