rs1799977 is a SNP in the MLH1 gene. It is significantly associated with an increased risk of cancer.

rs1799977 (no reported alleles) was associated with a more aggressive prostate cancer among Caucasian men (OR, 1.35; P=0.03) [R].

This SNP (no reported alleles) was marginally associated with the risk of lung cancer (P=0.055) [R].

The ''G'' allele carriers (AG or GG genotype) displayed a higher risk of colorectal cancer (CRC) compared with AA homozygous (OR; AG=2.55 ; P=0.01 and OR GG=2.48, P=0.01, respectively). G allele carrier males showed high CRC risk compared with homozygous AA wild-type individuals (OR: AG=3.05; P=0.002; OR: GG=3.60). Nevertheless, patients carrying the G allele displayed a better outcome than wild-type genotype carriers (P=0.007) and did not present vascular invasion (P=0.03), distant metastasis (P=0.004), or recurrence (P=0.01) [R].

Compared with the AA genotype, the AG/GG genotype was associated with a significantly shorter Progression-free survival (PFS) independent of having or having not received radiotherapy in both the training series (radiotherapy, P = .037; no radiotherapy, P = .022, respectively) [R1, R2].


Parent Gene: MLH1

Importance: 2
Less common allele: G = 13%
More common allele: A = 87%
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