• Changes the effect of the Histamine H1 receptor (C) [R]

  • Normal effect caused by the Histamine H1 receptor (G) [R]

The Minor "C" allele is associated with:

  • Obesity [R], Only becoming significant when in combination with other SNPs such as LEP 2548 or LEPR 223.

  • Increase risk of metabolic syndrome in patients being treated with Antipsychotics for schizophrenia ( 9.2X increased the risk for Clozapine, 5.35X increased the risk for Risperidone) (CC and CG) [R].

    • High blood sugar

    • Excess body fat around waist

    • Abnormal cholesterol

    • Abnormal triglyceride levels

    • Increase risk of heart disease

    • Increase risk of stroke

    • Increase risk of diabetes

The Major "G" allele is associated with:

  • Normal metabolic functions while being treated with antipsychotic medication [R]


Parent Gene: HTR2C

Importance: 2
Less common allele: C = 19%
More common allele: G = 81%
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