[PMID 17673452] 13 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in 723 members of 179 Finnish Bipolar disorder families.

  • rs751229(T) and rs3738401(A) was over-transmitted to males with psychotic disorder.
  • under-transmitted rs821616(T) and rs1411771(T)
  • The risk haplotype for psychotic disorder also associated to perseverations (P = 0.035; for rs751229 alone P = 0.0012), and a protective haplotype G-T-G with rs1655285 in addition to auditory attention (P = 0.0059).

[PMID 20084519] Evidence of statistical epistasis between DISC1, CIT and NDEL1 impacting risk for schizophrenia: biological validation with functional neuroimaging


Parent Gene: DISC1

Importance: 1
Less common allele: C = 37%
More common allele: T = 63%
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