rs12953717 is one of 3 SNPs in the SMAD7 gene associated with risk for colorectal cancer, based on a large study (7,400+ cases) conducted in the UK. The odds ratios show an increased risk for the minor rs12953717(T) allele; the OR for (T;T) homozygotes is 1.37 (CI: 1.25-1.5), and for (C;T) heterozygotes 1.11 (CI: 1.03-1.2), overall p=9x10-12.[PMID 17934461] [PMID 19562778] Wnt antagonist gene polymorphisms and renal cancer

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Parent Gene: SMAD7

Importance: 1
Less common allele: T = 30%
More common allele: C = 70%
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