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  • BRCA Quick View
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      BRCA Quick View
    • BRCA

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    • For women carrying a BRCA1 mutation, risk for developing breast cancer increases to 20% at 40 years of age, 51% at 50, and 84% after 70. Our BRCA Report analyzes your BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes and provides you with personalized recommendations based on the genetic mutation you carry. Remember, preventative action is the best action!
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  • COVID-19 & Respiratory Infections Quick View
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      COVID-19 & Respiratory Infections Quick View
    • COVID-19 & Respiratory Infections

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    • Download the world’s first and only COVID-19 genetics report! This report will analyze your genes to tell you: How likely you are to catch viral respiratory infections like COVID-19 Your potential susceptibility to complications and relative severity of the symptoms that you could experience What changes you can make to your regimen to boost your immune strength and prepare your…
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  • Thyroid Health Quick View
    • Thyroid Health Quick View
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    • Thyroid Health

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    • Over 20 million people in the US have thyroid problems, leading to issues such as: Constant fatigue Weakness & aches in muscles and joints Dry skin Mood and concentration problems Abnormal weight gain This report analyzes your genetic variants from 20 genes related to thyroid function and determines if you are predisposed to thyroid issues like: Iodine Deficiencies Hormone Production…
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  • TP53 Quick View
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      TP53 Quick View
    • TP53

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    • In around 50% of cancers, there’s a faulty TP53 gene. There have been a staggering amount of studies that link the negative variant of the TP53 gene to over 20+ types of cancers. Therefore, it’s important to know if this gene is increasing your risk. The first step is to download this report and find out whether you carry the faulty…
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