Science Team

Our scientists are working on innovating the most contemporary techniques in genomics, as well as developing some entirely new processes. Join a cutting edge team of experts today.

Open Positions

Bioinformatics Scientist

We are looking for a talented and experienced Bioinformatician. Pay will be in accordance with abilities and experience.

  • Full-time only
  • Position is remote
  • No agencies

Salary: 50k-200k USD /yr

  • Equity is also available for outstanding applicants and those with leadership abilities.


  • Preferably Ph.D. in an 'Omics' field.


  • Automate the curation of databases for the most relevant data.
  • Provide statistical and computational tools for biologically based activities such as genetic analysis, polygenic risk scores, measurement of gene expression, and gene function determination.
  • Create or modify web-based bioinformatics tools.
  • Develop methods and perform analyses that will advance the understanding of human genetics and shape SelfDecode’s consumer product.
  • Consult with researchers to analyze problems, recommend technology-based solutions, or determine computational strategies.
  • Analyze data on gene and lab substance interactions.

Skills & Attributes:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills and ability to lead in a remote environment and organization.
  • Fluency in programming and scripting languages is required (e.g., R, Python, etc.) and their use in a LINUX environment.
  • In depth knowledge of integrative omics analysis, next generation sequencing, data mining, complex data analysis, statistics and or in-depth knowledge of diagnostic algorithms and clinical applications of machine learning approaches.


  • Experience in computational approaches for whole genome analysis and or genotyping analysis.
  • Experience working on GWAS, PRS, Clinical Genomics, is strongly desired.
  • Demonstrated ability and history of writing software and or algorithms utilizing large biomedical data sets.
  • Experience analyzing large molecular datasets such as genomic sequence data.
  • Hands-on experience working with very large datasets in Python.
  • Experience in algorithm development or machine learning approaches.
  • Experience in development
  • Proven record of applying or developing computational biology approaches to generate new hypotheses.
  • Proven record of conducting collaborative research.
  • Proven record of contributing to cross-disciplinary projects and working in large teams.
  • Knowledge of at least some of the following:
  • Spark
  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Scipy


  • Natural language processing automate the extraction of the necessary information.

Medical Communications Specialist

We are in search of an experienced Medical Communications Specialist with a developed knowledge of genomics based health. The ideal candidate has experience working for a similar company in the health and wellness space and has supreme writing, research, and communications skills. 

  • Full time.
  • Fully Remote.
  • No agencies


  • 50k-120k USD /yr for North American applicants
  • 30k-75k USD /yr for applicants outside North America
  • Equity is also available for outstanding applicants

Job Requirements

  • At least 2-3 years experience in a Health Communications role with an emphasis on digital health and preferably a portfolio of materials which you can provide us with to illustrate your past work.
  • Supreme research skills and knowledge of the health industry with a specialization in genetics.
  • Outstanding communications skills, ability to write technical copy, and editing abilities.
  • Significant skills in media design and social media use in order to be able to effectively present and advertise to potential clients.
  • A proactive, independent, and ambitious approach towards your work.


  • Design, write, and plan informational tools and guides for our clients relating to genetic health tools, lab tests, wellness reports and more.
  • Remain constantly informed about what the most current and future urgent health risks are and anticipate these trends by proactively creating informational materials on them.
  • Work collaboratively with the marketing team to produce informational materials that will also be effective at creating conversions and getting clients interested in our product.
  • Working with our team members who are genetic counselors to ensure a uniformity of advice and information between all of the informative tools and materials produced at the company.
  • Assess all current consumer-facing health materials of the company and make necessary adjustments and revisions to ensure accuracy and client appeal.


  • Previous experience working with a Startup or SAAS Health based company.
  • Existing network of connections in the healthcare world that we can use to reachout to more medical professionals.
  • Formal education in Medical Science, Health Communications

Science Writer

We are looking for experienced and talented science writers to join our team.  Pay will be in accordance with abilities and experience. 

The science writer will research, write and edit genetic reports, database content, website posts, and associated content. They will work closely with the rest of the science team to carry out collaborative research, publish complex content on genetics based health and wellness and ensure scientific validity. 

The ideal candidate has at least some professional experience doing science writing for a reputable company, possesses superb writing skills. and is able to and carry out deep research on pubmed effectively and efficiently

The role is: 

  • Full-time only
  • Fully Remote
  • Flexibly scheduled
  • Not open to agencies

Salary: $30,000-$70,000 USD/yr depending on abilities, skills, education, location, and other factors.


  • Minimum 1-2+ years experience doing science writing or editing professionally
  • BSc in a biology related field, Masters or PhD in genetics or related field is preferred

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Excellent writing, proofreading, and communication skills
  • Familiarity with Academic Journals and access portals 
  • Superb initiative and proactive approach to work; ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team
  • Extensive health industry knowledge

Required Duties:

  • Write clearly about complex topics in health and genetics
  • Work collaboratively with other members of the science team to edit, fact-check, and publish scientific articles
  • Conduct academic level research on health & wellness topics using databases of scholarly articles and scientific papers. 
  • Edit scientific articles written by other members of the science team
  • Collaborate to brainstorm new article ideas and content topics that provide value to clients seeking to learn about their health and genetics


  • Any professional experience or abilities in Medical Communications Writing
  • Remote work experience or experience working for a startup
  • Portfolio or links to work which evidences skills relevant to this role

Data Scientist

We are seeking a Data Scientist to join our Research and Development & Engineering Team. Our data team members are experts at ingesting large, complex biological data sets, creating fast and efficient pipelines to process them, and working closely with our science team to seamlessly deliver cutting edge genomic and precision medicine analysis to our customers.

The Data Scientist will work on massive databases of genomic and phenotypic data in order to create novel AI/ML prediction models of disease and human health. 

The ideal Data Scientist candidate has superb analytical and critical thinking skills with proven experience in AI/ML as it pertains to human health, in addition to having a passion for using AI/ML and genomics to radically change peoples’ lives for the better. 

Salary is competitive and will be commensurate with skills, experience, abilities, and culture fit:

Range: 20k - 150k USD /yr

Skills & Experience 

  • 2+ years of industry or academic work experience in a Data Analyst or Data Science role. 
  • B.S. in data science, statistics, mathematics, or a related field preferred. 
  • Proven track record in delivering AI/ML solutions in human health or genomics. 
  • Skilled in python and or R. Databricks, AWS, and SQL are a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills, both internal and external, to interface with team members and consumer markets. 
  • An analytical mindset; this role requires someone who will carry out data-driven decision making and help the product team identify areas of opportunity to drive business value.
  • Strong data visualization skills.


  • Develop new algorithms and employ machine learning to improve the spectrum and quality of  SelfDecode’s precision medicine platform
  • Work with other data team members to ensure the analytical validity of our models and pipelines
  • Collaborate with other highly vetted and passionate scientists and team members
  • Develop in-house tools to bolster team productivity


  • PhD in Computational Biology or a related field.
  • Working knowledge of imputation process
  • Proficiency with Spark
  • Working knowledge of NGS informatics
  • Understanding the needs of a business and using data to creatively answer problems. 
  • Precision Medicine Expertise

Genomics Scientist

We are looking for a talented and expert level Genomics Scientist. Pay will be in accordance with abilities and experience.

  • Full-time only
  • Position is remote
  • No agencies

Salary: 50k-200k USD /yr

  • Equity is also potentially available for outstanding applicants.


  • Write interpretive reports for use by our clients. Provide broadly applicable health advice based on genetic data.
  • Develop and devise new investigation strategies for our product model, taking into account the problems of genetic disease and the relevance of inherited or acquired genetic abnormalities
  • Conduct research and development and translate any new techniques and assays into our assessment of client genetics
  • Deal with enquiries relating to genomic testing and provide expert scientific advice to our genetic counselors or other members of the science team
  • Interpret quality control and quality assurance data

Skills & Experience

  • Experience and expertise in genomics is a must
  • Proven record of applying or developing computational biology approaches to generate new hypotheses
  • Proven record of conducting collaborative research
  • Proven record of contributing to cross-disciplinary projects and working in large teams
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills and ability to lead in a remote environment and organization
  • Experience analyzing next-gen sequencing data (Illumina whole genomes or exomes): from reads to integration of clinical information
  • Experience working on genotyping data: from genotype arrays to Imputation, GWAS, PRS, Pharmacogenomics, etc.
  • Experience working with and understanding of open source NGS tools like bwa, samtools, vcftools, plink, etc.
  • Experience with unix/linux operating system and comfort on working on a command line interface
  • Previous experience with cloud-based development or analysis and performing QA of bioinformatics tools strongly desired
  • Demonstrated track record of publications
  • Experience and knowledge of other “omics” technologies and disciplines, especially epigenomics and transcriptomics, is a plus
  • PhD preferred

SelfDecode is a personalized health report service, which enables users to obtain detailed information and reports based on their genome. SelfDecode does not treat, diagnose or cure any conditions, but is for informational and educational purposes alone.



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