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Free Kidney Health DNA Report When You Upload Your DNA File

We support files from 23andMe, Ancestry, and more!

Don’t have a DNA file?

You can order a DNA kit for $99 at checkout.

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Optimize your body’s natural detox system.

Your genes can impact your kidneys’ ability to filter fluid & detox your body. Take a personalized approach to improving kidney health based on your DNA today.

Healthy kidneys can:

Reduce toxins
in your body

Prevent bloating
& excess fluids

Boost energy

And more!

Kidney Health & Your Genes

Many healthy choices can support kidney health, but depending on your DNA, you may need to take a more personal approach. Genes involved in kidney health may impact:

  • Blood filtering
  • Urine production
  • Early kidney development
  • Immune function

Discover the diet, lifestyle and supplement choices that may best support your kidney health!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a DNA kit?

In order to claim the free kidney health report, you need a DNA file.

If you do not already have a DNA file, then you can order one from SelfDecode during checkout.

Is it really free? Why am I asked for my credit card information?

You will NEVER be charged by SelfDecode without your explicit consent. Card information is a standard requirement to create a SelfDecode account.

What if I’m already a member?

SelfDecode members have access to all current & future health reports. If you’re a member looking to access your Kidney Health report, you’ll find it in your report dashboard.

Which genetic files does SelfDecode support?

In addition to files from our own test, we support DNA data from a variety of providers: 23andMe, Ancestry, Courtagen, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, Atlas, MapMyGenome, Diagnomics, DNALand, and LivingDNA (among others).

We also support whole genome sequencing files from Dante Labs.

If you are unsure about whether your file will be supported, our customer support team can test your file out for you with SelfDecode before you subscribe if you email it to support@selfdecode.com.

Why should I get my DNA tested?

Understanding your genetic predispositions can tell you a lot about whether your diet, lifestyle, and supplement regimen are working for or against you.

A great example of this is the TCF7L2 variant found in SelfDecode’s Blood Sugar Wellness Report. This variant affects the way you process complex carbs. People who carry the ancestral variant get larger blood sugar spikes in response to carbs, including carbs generally considered healthy, such as whole grains.

Whether you seek to optimize your health or overcome pre-existing issues, getting your DNA genotyped will tell you a lot about your body and open doors to effective gene-targeted protocols.

What is included in each subscription plan?

Both plans include unlimited access to current and future DNA Wellness Reports and SelfDecode Labs. If you already have a DNA file, you may upload it at no extra cost. Otherwise, you can add a DNA kit to your subscription for only $99.

How long does shipping for DNA test kits take?

Please allow up to a week and a half for your order to process. Once the kit has shipped, you will receive email confirmation.

Within the US, shipping usually takes 2-3 business days. Outside of the U.S., allow for about two weeks for shipping.

What happens if I order a kit outside of the US and it gets stuck at customs?

On occasion, a DNA kit package may be held at customs. If the package requires a manufacturer’s declaration, please reach out to support@selfdecode.com and we will send you one. If duties and taxes must be paid, the customer is responsible for covering this cost.

Is my data secure?

Our business model is selling you the tools to analyze your DNA to optimize your health. As opposed to other companies, we never sell your data to other companies nor do we share user data with any third parties.

At SelfDecode, we take your privacy and the security of your genetic data very seriously. Only vetted and trusted employees of SelfDecode have access to the administrator/backend portion of the site and the text files are stored securely on Amazon’s cloud, with only one person having access.

SelfDecode is committed to our user’s privacy. That is why we ensure our infrastructure meets modern security standards by enforcing the following practices:

– Secure SSL Certified Connections Only

– Script Protection

– Disk Write Protections

– Plugin Access Restriction

– External Security Penetration Testing

– Annual SAS 70 Type II Examinations

– Encryption of All Backup Media

– Maintain Audit Logs

We collect the least amount of information possible to provide you with the service, such as your name and email address. We do not collect home addresses or other identifying information. You also have an option to use a pseudonym if identifying information is a concern.

Your payment is processed by reputable and secure payment processing companies, i.e. Stripe and PayPal.

We also honor customer requests to completely delete their information from our database.

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