Widespread in plant oils and as glycerides in seed oils. Also present in apple, apricot, banana, morello cherry, citrus fruits, cheese, butter, white wine, Japanese whiskey, peated malt, wort and scallops. Used as a defoamer, lubricant and citrus fruit coating. Salts (Na, K, Mg, Ca, Al) used as binders, emulsifiers and anticaking agents in food manuf.


Capric acid is a member of the series of fatty acids found in oils and animal fats. The names of Caproic, Caprylic, and Capric acids are all derived from the word caper (Latin: 'goat'). These are colorless light yellowish transparent oily liquids with unconfortable smells. These are used in organic synthesis, manufacture of perfume, medicine, lubricating grease, rubber and dye.

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