Found in palm kernel oil and soya bean oil. Important constit. of rue oil (Ruta graveolens) and found in many other essential oils. Also found in black currant buds, raspberry, black berry peach and other fruits. Used in flavourings 2-Undecanone is a ketone, also known as methyl nonyl ketone (MNK). It is soluble in ethanol, benzene, chloroform, and acetone, but its large carbon chain renders it insoluble in water. Like most methyl ketones, 2-undecanone undergoes a haloform reaction when in the presence of a base. For example, the reaction between 2-undecanone and sodium hypochlorite yields sodium decanoate, chloroform, and sodium hydroxide.; 2-Undecanone, also known as methyl nonyl ketone and IBI-246, is an oily organic liquid manufactured synthetically, but which can also be extracted from oil of rue. It is found naturally in bananas, cloves, ginger, guava, strawberries, and wild-grown tomatoes. 2-Undecanone is used in the perfumery and flavoring industries, but because of its strong odor it is primarily used as an insect repellent or animal repellent. Typically, 1?2% concentrations of 2-undecanone are found in dog and cat repellents in the form of a liquid, aerosol spray, or gel.

2-Undecanone is Found in These Foods