2-Nonenal is an unsaturated aldehyde which some research has associated with human body odor alterations during aging. The substance is also an important aroma component of aged beer and buckwheat. The odor of this substance is perceived as orris, fat and cucumber.


2-Nonenal is a uremic toxin. Uremic toxins can be subdivided into three major groups based upon their chemical and physical characteristics: 1) small, water-soluble, non-protein-bound compounds, such as urea; 2) small, lipid-soluble and/or protein-bound compounds, such as the phenols and 3) larger so-called middle-molecules, such as beta2-microglobulin. Chronic exposure of uremic toxins can lead to a number of conditions including renal damage, chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease. 2-Nonenal is found in alcoholic beverages. 2-Nonenal is widespread in nature, in beer, coffee, watermelon, cucumbers, redcurrants, orris oil, palm oil, potatoes etc. 2-Nonenal is a flavouring ingredient. 2-Nonenal belongs to the family of Medium-chain Aldehydes. These are An aldehyde with a chain length containing between 6 and 12 carbon atoms.

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