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Dr. Jeni Weis uses SelfDecode for “explosive growth” in her health business

Essential Takeaways

“Looking at the whole individual is key. And SelfDecode is a big part of that.”
“SelfDecode has helped a lot of this explosive growth.”
“It has actually made me a better doctor.”

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Dr. Jeni Weis is a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in thyroid-related health issues. She’s helped clients completely reverse issues like Hashimoto’s, thyroid eye disease, diabetes, and many others. By getting to the root cause of her clients’ problem, the outcome isn’t just symptom relief, but it’s like the condition was never there to begin with. 

Dr. Jeni has built a large presence on Facebook, leading a group of over 6,000+ people including many satisfied clients. She recently hired a second Naturopathic Doctor to join her practice and will soon hire a third. 

Dr. Jeni started with SelfDecode in January 2021, switching from a different genomics company. “They were terrible. They had none of the reports – not a fraction of the value of SelfDecode.” 

Impact on Dr. Jeni’s Business

Since joining, SelfDecode has become an intricate part of her booming business. “SelfDecode has helped a lot of this explosive growth because it looks at things you can’t get from an intake, [and] you can’t get from labs which use conventional ranges and are temporary.” 

DNA consultations have become an integral part of Dr. Jeni’s business. Even clients who weren’t originally interested in DNA testing have since gotten on board after seeing the results from Dr. Jeni’s other patients. 

When we asked Dr. Jeni how SelfDecode affects her business, she simply answered: “Patients get better results, they make better referrals, and we make more money.”

Dr. Jeni’s Business Model

Dr. Jeni explains that she has a different approach for different patients, based on their individual needs. However, there is an ideal process she tries to mimic as closely as possible with each client:

First, Dr. Jeni conducts an intake consultation to understand the patient’s environmental factors – their diet, family history, where they live, even what cleaning supplies they use. 

Then, when the client’s DNA results are available in SelfDecode, Dr. Jeni does deep analysis and brings her findings and recommendations to the client. 

A follow-up appointment is done to evaluate the client’s progress. 

Dr. Jeni Weis charges premium prices for her consultations, which her clients will pay with ease given the trust she’s built through referrals and testimonials. 

Impact on Dr. Jeni’s Clients

SelfDecode helps Dr. Jeni get to the root cause of her clients’ health issues. “It has made me a better doctor,” she says.

She believes that all practitioners must be using this gene-based approach. “Practitioners need to look at the root cause. The why behind the curtain.”

Dr. Jeni’s Success Story #1: Client “Jennifer”

The client “Jennifer” was diagnosed with Thyroid Eye disease. Considered incurable, Thyroid Eye disease causes bulging eyes that are associated with pain. 

The diagnosis caused Jennifer a lot of trouble. She was miserable and in pain. In her own words, she had a “terrible life.” 

She started working with Dr. Jeni Weis in January 2021, tired of just increasing her medication and watching her condition worsen. 

Dr. Jeni used a holistic approach, SelfDecode being an integral part of it. She was able to identify the cause of Jennifer’s thyroid issues and address it right at the root. 

Twice, and a third time soon, Jennifer’s doctor lowered her medication dosage. Her labs have returned to normal. Jennifer is confident she’ll soon be totally weaned off her medication. 

More importantly, Jennifer is living a better life. She has more energy than she ever has and even traveled cross country with her son and daughter. All because she chose to address her health.

Dr. Jeni’s Success Story #2: Client “Jessica”

Jessica and Dr. Jeni have only been working together for a few weeks at the time of writing this. That point should emphasize the impact a gene-based approach can have. 

Jessica was pre-diagnosed with lupus and M.S. She began having random spasms and was losing control of her muscles. So she decided to visit Dr. Jeni to reverse her autoimmune issues before needing medication.

In a little over a month, Jessica has lost 11 pounds, solved her digestive issues, and feels the best she’s felt in years. 

Jessica left this encouraging testimonial for Dr. Jeni  – “I had no idea I would lose weight (without having to measure, or go hungry!) and I definitely didn’t expect my digestive issues (that I’ve had for years) to be gone… I feel so much better and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey to better health!”

Dr. Jeni’s Success Story #3; Client “Robin”

The client “Robin” is a 62-year-old registered nurse. Robin came to Dr. Jeni with all the symptoms of autoimmune issue – 

She had no energy whatsoever, it became difficult for her to work, she felt sick & tired, and had digestive issues.

Since working with Dr. Jeni and addressing her autoimmune issues right at the root, Robin feels the best she has in years.

Her energy is back. Some of the 30-year-old nurses have even asked her what she’s been doing. Now, Robin has inspired them to change their health habits and eat differently. 

If you’d like to see how you can use SelfDecode Pro to improve your own practice, request a free demo!

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