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5 Healthcare Trends Every Health Practitioner and Coach Needs to Know in 2022

As the trusted partner of over 1,000 doctors and health practitioners, one of our top priorities is ensuring the success of health professionals. In 2022, we want you to grow with us, so we’ve compiled 5 healthcare trends that you need to watch as you are planning for the coming year. 

Top 5 healthcare trends every practitioner must watch in 2022

1. Virtual health services will be the norm

Virtual health is no longer a temporary necessity. It is an often-preferred norm.

Health businesses that adapt and take advantage of the digital landscape will thrive. Those who don’t will struggle to keep up. 

Many SelfDecode Pro partners perform seamless in-depth health evaluations completely online using DNA and lab analysis. DNA kits are shipped directly to the client and clients can do lab tests either at home or a local lab. 

2. Patients want (rather, NEED) more information

In the internet age, people are increasingly informed about their health. As high as 1 in 20 Google searches are health-related. 

For practitioners, that means clients expect detailed explanations of the health recommendations you provide.

SelfDecode Pro members streamline this process using customized reports. With the click of a button, pre-written explanations are inserted directly into a client’s personalized health report. Some practitioners choose to white-label our reports, branding them completely as their own. 

Want to see a sample white label report? Check it out here.

3. New tools and software will enter the market

The flood of new tools and software that claim they can help your health business is overwhelming. These tools are meant to help your business, but using the wrong ones can be detrimental. 

We recently had a health professional tell us that the tool they were using before SelfDecode was so complex that it required an additional 4 hours of research time per client. 

In 2022, the most successful health practitioners will narrow down the right tools for their health business and streamline efforts. 

SelfDecode Pro partners enjoy an all-in-one secure and HIPAA-compliant DNA and lab analysis platform. In the client dashboard, practitioners can easily access any of their clients’ health data and generate reports with the click of a button. 

4. Continued increase in number of practitioners & rise of precision medicine

There will continue to be increasing numbers of health practitioners and coaches entering the market. Those who are unable to separate from the crowd will not thrive in this environment. 

SelfDecode Pro partners separate themselves by offering a gene-based approach to health. These practitioners see a competitive advantage because of their offerings and charge higher prices as a result. 

As precision medicine (an emerging approach that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person) gains popularity among consumers, using a gene-based approach will become the standard expectation. 

Early adopters of this approach are expected to experience the most growth.      

5. Time management will be key 

It’s no secret that time is a precious commodity among health practitioners. As new technologies emerge that allow for easier data processing and analysis, practitioners will need to adopt tools that improve the efficiency of their business. 

SelfDecode Pro partners save hours on tedious research by referring to DNA and lab reports. Each report references several (sometimes 100+) scientific publications. Doing this manually takes countless hours that could be spent seeing more clients or focusing on other important business initiatives. 

Take your business to the next level in 2022 with SelfDecode Pro

Want to get ahead of these healthcare trends? If you believe your health business is what we’re looking for in a SelfDecode Pro partner, let’s book a no-commitment 30-minute demo call. We’d love to learn more about what you do and discover the benefits SelfDecode will have on your business.

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